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La SGV promuove la scienza degli animali da laboratorio, la protezione degli animali e le considerazioni etiche nella sperimentazione animale. Questi obiettivi saranno raggiunti per mezzo dell’organizzazione dell’istruzione e del flusso d’informazioni all’interno della comunità scientifica.di più

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SGV: "Since 1987 an intermediary between animal welfare and research for the benefit of humans and animals"

The Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Versuchstierkunde SGV) was founded in 1987. We serve as intermediary between animal welfare and research for the benefit of humans and animals. We are a key partner for the authorities, scientists and the public. We are dedicated to promote the 3Rs (REPLACE, REDUCE, REFINE) and the animal welfare and ethical considerations in animal experimentation.

We organize, support and offer:

  • A two-day scientific meeting and a symposium at the annual meeting of the Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2).
  • We initiates and support different networks and working groups promoting the aims of the SGV.
  • Each year our society awards a prize to an outstanding contribution to the 3Rs and animal welfare in the field of laboratory animal science.
  • We give financial support granted to young researchers attending training courses or meetings and persons who will actively promote and implement the 3Rs and we also financially support projects related to the goals of the SGV with the “SGV 25 years fund".

BRG 19.083 A "No" vote without a counter proposal to the "No human and animal experimentation initiative" is essential for the entire research location Switzerland


SGV has signed the statement of the position against the initiative "Menschen- und Tierversuchsverbotsinitiative".

Position of the undersigned organizations:

- We clearly reject the popular initiative and the counterproposals and recommend to follow the WBK majority everywhere.

- The Covid-19 pandemic clearly shows that basic research and clinical studies with animals and humans are essential to develop drugs and vaccines.

- Human research and animal protection laws are already very strict in Switzerland, so no fundamental change is indicated at either the constitutional or legislative level.

- Already today, animal experiments are only approved in Switzerland if there are no validated alternatives. At the same time, replacement is not possible for all animal experiments. A phase-out plan without alternatives - as envisaged by the counter-proposals - is de facto tantamount to a ban and thus endangers the future medical care of humans and animals in Switzerland.

- We welcome the new national research program "Advancing 3Rs - Animals, Research and Society" just launched by the Federal Council. The program, endowed with 20 million Swiss francs, aims to further reduce and replace animal experiments and to reduce the burden on animals.


The actual SGV Awardees

Reduce: Prof Hanno Würbel University of Berne Switzerland

Prof Würbel gives us an interview about propriately designed and analysed animal experiments that are robust and reproducible, and truly add to the knowledge base and therefore reduces the use of animals.

Replace: Prof Patrycja Novak-Sliwinska University of Geneva Switzerland

Prof Patricja Nowak-Sliwinska points out accelerating the development and use of models and tools, based on the latest science and technologies, can improve important scientific questions without the use of animals and therefore replace them.

Refine: Prof Jane Hurst University of Liverpool England

Prof Jane Hurst from the University of Liverpool gives us a interisting interview with tunneling of mice as a good example for refinement.


Società svizzera delle scienze degli animali da laboratorio (SGV)
c/o PD Dr. Birgit Ledermann
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The SGV Meeting 2021 will take place on-line on four Friday afternoons in November.

Since the current situation regarding Corona will continue in 2021 the SGV Scientific Committee has decided to organize an on-line meeting on 4 Friday afternoons.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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