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Le SGV promeut la science des animaux de laboratoire, la protection de ces animaux et les considérations éthiques dans les expérimentations animales. Ces buts sont atteints grâce à l'organisation de cours de formation et par le transfert d'information auprès de la communauté scientifique.en plus

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  • 3RCC Swiss 3R Competence Center: The Swiss 3R Competence Centre (3RCC) promotes the 3Rs principle (replacement, reduction and refinement of animal experimentation) in Switzerland and facilitates its implementation in life sciences, focusing on research, education and communication.
  • NC3R: The NC3Rs: Pioneering better science - We help the research community use the latest science and technology to replace animal studies, providing new approaches for biomedical research and avoiding the time and cost associated with in vivo models. Where the use of animals is still required, we support researchers to design the best experiments so that their methods and findings are robust and reproducible. We provide information and guidance on the latest knowledge to improve laboratory animal welfare.
  • Norecopa is Norway's National Consensus Platform for the advancement of "the 3Rs" (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) in connection with animal experiments. The PREPARE guidelines and a Wiki for Refinement are only two resources that can be found here for better science.

Swiss Transparency Agreement on Animal Research

Education and training courses (laboratory animal science) in Switzerland

  • LTK Institute of Laboratory Animal Science, University of Zurich
  • RESAL Réseau des animaleries lémaniques

Laboratory Animal Science Associations and Animal Welfare Federation

  • Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association (SGV)
  • GV-SOLAS (Gesellschaft für Versuchstierkunde / Society of Laboratory Animal Science): Recommendations for researchers, animal welfare officers or commission members on anaesthesia, analgesia, health monitoring, experimental techniques and other resources
  • AALAS (American Association for Laboratory Animal Science)
  • AFSTAL (Association Française des Sciences et Techniques de l’Animal de Laboratoire)
  • AISAL Associazione Italiana per le Scienze degli Animali da Laboratorio
  • FELASA Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations
  • UFAW (Universities Federation for Animal Welfare)

General information on animal experimentation and facts about resarch using animals for the public