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Die SGV setzt sich für die Förderung der Versuchstierkunde und das Vorantreiben des Tierschutzes und der ethischen Erwägungen bei Tierexperimenten ein. Diese Ziele sollen durch die Organisation der Ausbildung und des Informationsflusses innerhalb der wissenschaftlichen Gemeinschaft erreicht werden.mehr

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SGV supports researchers in their training and education in laboratory animal science with a travel grant.
SGV Travel Grant Policy

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Novartis Scholarship: UAB Master in Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare and Digital Home-Cage Monitoring Project

Novartis announces a 9,000 EUR scholarship designed to cover 45% of tuition for the UAB Master in Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare and project-related expenses of a 10-day work placement at the Novartis Campus in Basel, Switzerland.

This scholarship offers an opportunity for the candidate to attend the Master and to learn more about the use of digital home-cage solutions in laboratory animal science and the possibility to create a study using technologies available on campus like DVC Tecniplast for mice and Actual Analytics for rats. There's also an opportunity to learn more about other technologies such as the UID Matrix for mice and rats.
Qualified veterinarians interested in learning more on digital home-cage monitoring solutions and digital biomarkers with minimum one year of experience in Laboratory Animals are invited to apply. Preference will be given to PhD students and/or ECLAM residents.

To apply, please send to: and

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