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Rigi Workshop

The Rigi Workshop is held every year to promote interdisciplinary exchange among young researchers. The topic of the 3-day workshop is proposed by researchers from the specialist societies. It can be chosen freely, but must be related to biology and take different disciplines (from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and engineering) into account. Up to 40 doctoral students and post-docs from all over Switzerland can participate. The Platform Biology organises the Rigi Workshops together with the researchers.

Aussicht Hotel Rigi Kulm

Location: Rigi-Kulm Hotel

Date: Generally end of January / beginning of February

Registration: The workshop is open for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers from all Swiss Institutions of Higher Education. You have to register online and submit an abstract of your current research project and a letter of motivation explaining why the specific interdisciplinary topic is of interest to you before the registration deadline. A selection of participants will be made based on the submitted dcuments. This will ensure that active, motivated students from different disciplines and institutions attend.

Registration fee: After you have been accepted to participate, a registration fee of CHF 150 is due. The fee includes:

  • All lectures and materials.
  • All meals, coffee breaks and mineral water between arrival and departure (all other beverages at your own expense).
  • Accommodation for two nights during the workshop in a double room. Please add a comment in your registration, if you wish to share the room with a specific person.

Further information:

  • At the end of the workshop participants will receive a certificate of attendance, which allows to request ECTS credit points of the respective university.


Are you a member of a specialist society of the Biology Platform and interested in organising a Rigi Workshop? Please find all relevant information here.



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