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Rigi Workshop 2024: Exploring Epigenetics

Interdisciplinary insights beyond DNA sequence


Hotel Rigi Kulm

22 PhD Students and Post-Docs attended the 3-days interdisciplinary workshop from 28 to 30 January 2024 at the beautiful Hotel Rigi Kulm (Schwyz) to explore Epigenetics.

Rigi Workshop 2024 - Cover

Epigenetics is a broadly used term for phenomena that alter gene expression without altering the DNA itself. It describes the regulation of our genes, how they can be influenced by our environment, and how this regulation can be inherited between cells and generations. This intersection between information coded in DNA sequence, transmitted by factors associated with DNA, and provided by the environment is fascinating from a mechanistic point of view. It also provides insights into how our genes interact with external influences, potentially offering new ways to prevent or treat diseases, improve crop yields, and understand complex behaviors and brain functions.

The Rigi workshop 2024 on epigenetics invited its participants to dive into the intricate mechanisms and implications of epigenetic phenomena. By fostering cross-disciplinary dialogue, the event aims to bridge gaps between different disciplines of epigenetic research. Participants will explore how epigenetics impacts plant breeding, behavioral traits, brain development, evolution, synaptic plasticity, cognition, and neurological disorders. The workshop offered interdisciplinary approaches to investigating and analyzing societal and technological impacts of epigenetics and featured lectures delivered by leading experts, group discussions, and sharing of group and individual work in the form of oral presentations.


Contributions by the participants:

The participants were asked to present their research in the form of a graphical abstract to be used for support during a scientific speed-dating event on first evening. They also actively participated in the discussions during the workshop.


  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Group Picture
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Coffee break
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Evening programme: scientific speed-dating
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : working in small groups
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Group work 2
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : sponsors
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Introduction
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Group work
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 - Cover
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Group Picture1/9
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Coffee break2/9
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Evening programme: scientific speed-dating3/9
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : working in small groups4/9
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Group work 25/9
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : sponsors6/9
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Introduction7/9
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 : Group work8/9
  • Rigi Workshop 2024 - Cover9/9


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